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Neuroe ™ Cares About Your Privacy

Data security and privacy is a big deal.

If you’re sharing personal and company information online, data security and privacy is a big deal. Many popular competitors expose themselves to Enumeration Hacking. 

Enumeration Hacking is the first step that any hacker takes to access information online. It’s a process where information is accessed by using a series of numbers and letters that are sequential to each other. i.e abc123, abc124, abc125. 

Neuroe’s Proprietary Encryption Method removes the heightened risk of exposure to your personal information, preventing enumeration hacking from occurring altogether. 

How We Keep Your Data Safe.

At Neuroe ™, we keep your privacy top of mind. We do an excellent job of keeping your information out of the hands of greedy hackers. Take advantage of our secure info-sharing solutions and create your first Smart Business Card today!

Before Neuroe ™ develops a new Smart Business Card feature, we have extensive conversations about how best to protect your data. To secure your information, we:

  • Use proprietary encryption formulas to prevent security breaches
  • Develop geo-based artificial intelligence solutions that combat advanced hackers
  • Incorporate optional 2FA via Authentication App to ensure only trusted recipients can access your Smart Business Card
  • Enable remote deactivation in case of a lost or stolen card

By providing users with a wide range of security options, we can prevent misrepresentation and devastating data leaks.

Why Choose Neuroe? 

We Prioritise Security

Neuroe is all about data security. We fully encrypt your information, ensuring limited access and enhanced protection against data leaks and identity theft. 

We Believe In Sustainable Solutions

By purchasing Neuroe products, you avoid contributing to the wasteful practice of paper-based business cards. We also partner with One Tree Planted to rehabilitate bushfire-affected areas of Australia with your help – for each Smart Business Card you buy, we plant one tree!

Are you a Government or Enterprise User?

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Get A Secure NFC Smart Business Card Today!

At Neuroe ™, we want our customers to have complete confidence in our product. We have the right security measures in place so that customers can upload their details online without worrying about data breaches.

For a secure, dynamic, and groundbreaking NFC Smart Business Card that will change the way you interact with customers, contact Neuroe ™ today!

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