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Even in today’s fast-changing world, one thing remains the same: business cards are an essential part of networking. Neuroe ™ takes customer interactions to the next level with a fully dynamic Smart Business Card – you’ll never need another printed business card ever again!

With our technologically advanced and secure NFC-enabled Smart Business Card, exchanging business details has never been easier. Excited to get your hands on Neuroe’s NFC Smart Business Card? Contact us today to make your first order!

What Is The Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card?

NFC, or near-field communication, is a wireless communication protocol primarily used to make contactless payments, but Neuroe leverages this technology to revolutionize the way we exchange business information. 

Through Neuroe’s NFC Smart Business Card, users can send data from one device to another via radio waves. Inside each card is a microchip that loads your information when tapped onto an NFC-enabled device such as smartphones or tablets.

It Makes Information Exchange Simple

While you can easily input your details onto someone’s smartphone or tablet, tapping your Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card onto someone’s device is even quicker.

It Makes An Impact On Your Audience 

A high-quality business card doesn’t just include your contact details – it also helps you make a first impression. A thoughtfully designed business card is attention-grabbing and builds a favourable perception of your brand. 

It Promotes Safety

Because of the pandemic, people are much more conscious when exchanging items like business cards. Our easy-tap Smart Business Card keeps your staff safe by limiting physical interactions.

Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card Features

Secure & Protected Data

Your Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card is 100% secure and protected. As industry leaders in data privacy, we incorporate advanced security features such as: 

  • Proprietary Encryption formulas 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Two-factor authentication via Authenticator App during information exchange to a recipient

By taking these extra measures, we avoid exposing our users to enumeration hacking and data leaks. We’ve significantly mitigated data and privacy risks when using our Smart Business Card!

Completely Dynamic

Our highly dynamic cards enable users to remotely update information whenever they need to. For instance, an employer can instantly edit data and access permissions on employee cards, making it easy to transfer old assets to new hires. Yes, that means your card is completely reusable – you won’t have to purchase a new card.

Advanced Accessibility

Our NFC-based cards function even without an NFC-enabled device. If your mobile phone doesn’t have NFC compatibility, you can quickly scan your Smart Business Card via QR code. Users can also access and update their Smart Business Card directly on their iPhone or Android device. 

Managers can edit company (global account) information and user-level permissions remotely, including:

  • Users
  • Company Phone Numbers
  • Emails
  • Profile pictures
  • Addresses
  • Social Links and Websites

Fully Customisable

Setting up your Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card is quick and easy. In one simple tap, you can fully customise the information you store on each card. Customers can also design their Smart Business Cards before shipping. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Neuroe’s NFC Smart Business Cards last over a decade and come with a 10-year Hardware Guarantee, significantly reducing waste. 

Plus, customers can also round up their order total to donate to the Australian State Bushfire Volunteer Service of their choice. We also plant a tree in bushfire-affected areas of Australia for every card purchased as part of our Bushfire Recovery Program.

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Exchange Information Securely With Australia’s Smartest Business Card 

When you purchase Neuroe’s NFC Smart Business Card, we guarantee you’ll never go back to traditional printing methods ever again. Our fully secure and dynamic products are easy to use, technologically advanced, and make an impactful first impression on your prospects.
Order your Smart Business Card today and change the way you interact with customers forever!

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