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Transform Your Business With  Neuroe ™

Thanks to the Internet, traditional business communications such as telemarketing and faxing are long obsolete. However, the humble business card is a business staple that won’t go away any time soon. 

At Neuroe, we take the simple, printed business card to the next level. Our dynamic products are full of information, interchangeable between staff members, and entirely sustainable. With us, you can convey important, personal information, convey professionalism, and enhance your brand identity all with a single card. 

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Why Do You Need A Business Card In 2021?

Contrary to popular belief, business cards are far from obsolete. There are many ways your enterprise can benefit from having a custom card:

It Makes Information Exchange Simple

While you can easily input your details onto someone’s smartphone or tablet, tapping your Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card onto someone’s device is even quicker.

It Makes An Impact On Your Audience 

A high-quality business card doesn’t just include your contact details – it also helps you make a first impression. A thoughtfully designed business card is attention-grabbing and builds a favourable perception of your brand. 

It Promotes Safety

Because of the pandemic, people are much more conscious when exchanging items like business cards. Our easy-tap Smart Business Card keeps your staff safe by limiting physical interactions.

Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card Features


As a growing business, you want your business card to be a reflection of your unique personality. Our cards are fully customisable, allowing users to choose what kind of information to share and how it looks. 

Enhanced Security

The Neuroe NFC Smart Business Card is impenetrably secure. Our encrypted formulas prevent enumeration hacking, allowing users to publicly share information without a heightened risk of a security breach. 

For additional security, users can also incorporate: 

  • Access permissions
  • Remote deactivation for lost and stolen cards
  • Two-factor authentication via Authenticator App to transfer card details to a recipient

Total Accessibility & Ease Of Use

Neuroe NFC Smart Business Cards are easy to deploy – simply tap to use and reset cards remotely. Plus, because we store all your data via secure Google Cloud Servers, you can update user information online at any time. You can even set up parent-child account access in just a few minutes!

Why Choose Neuroe? 

We Prioritise Security

Neuroe is all about data security. We fully encrypt your information, ensuring limited access and enhanced protection against data leaks and identity theft. 

We Invest In The Latest Technology

In our fight against more advanced hackers, Neuroe invests in the latest technology, including geo-based Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

We Believe In Sustainable Solutions

By purchasing Neuroe products, you avoid contributing to the wasteful practice of paper-based business cards. We also partner with One Tree Planted to rehabilitate bushfire-affected areas of Australia with your help – for each Smart Business Card you buy, we plant one tree!

Go Completely Dynamic With A Smart Business Card

With Neuroe’s NFC Smart Business Card, you can take your business further than ever before. Our dynamic products are interchangeable, accessible, and secure – you’ll never have to revert to outdated methods again.
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